The Benefits of Using Pine Straw Mulches

Part of landscaping is the application of mulch that is used for several reasons. This layer of material is applied to the surface of the soil to improve fertility and health of the soil and as well as conserve soil moisture among others. Additionally, mulch is also used to improve the overall beauty of the garden or yard. Read more great facts on  pine straw alabama, click here. 

There are different variations of mulches that homeowners and professional landscapers can use. Among the many options is pine straw. The use of pine straw as mulches is becoming increasingly popular especially in the United States, where pine is a common vegetation. This kind of mulch continues to outperform the other types for several reasons.

There are different species of pine trees and when these trees shed their leaves (commonly referred to as needles or straw), these are collected by wholesale pine straw manufacturers. The droppings are collected and baled which are then sold as a common type of mulch. The beauty of using pine straw is that it is sustainable. There is no need to cut down a tree just to collect the needles as pine trees naturally shed off its needles throughout the year.

Pine straw bales are marketed either in round or square shape and these products also vary in weight and sizes. In appearance, it is easy to mistake pine straw bales as small hay bales. Although these bales are easy to carry and store, there are still suppliers that provide pine straw delivery, which makes it easier and convenient for consumers to use.

Compared to other forms of mulches, pine straw mulch last longer. This material doesn't easily wash away or break down fast thus there is no need to keep on reapplying it, which is the case for other types of mulches. Because this product doesn't compact, it is easier for the soil to breathe and water infiltration is easier.

Aesthetically, pine straw mulch is more visually appealing because it has uniform color and has very fine texture. This is good to ensure that you are bringing out the color and texture of your landscape. Application of this mulch can be done by simply using the hands. This product is also pest free as it doesn't attract any termites, which is a common problem to other types of mulches.

There are several benefits that pine straw mulch offers to professional landscapers and residential owners. On top of all these benefits is the fact that pine straw mulch is affordable since pine straws are available all year round.